Coś w rodzaju miłości


Label format: Download
Released: 2016
Released by label: Mystery stable

Something in the kind of love" [pictured] Arthur Miller, directed by Martyna Łyko, development scenograficznym Paulina Rzeszow (aptly named) and the music of David Kollar. The premiere took place on 27 February. Both very young creator debuted on the implementation of the Polish theater stage. Martyn Łyko worked, admittedly, with Radoslaw Rychcikiem, who showed in Rzeszow "Forefathers" prepared in Poznan and "Balladyna" the ensemble of actors Siemaszkowa, but the idea of a dialogue with the viewer seems to be different from the said mentor also the younger generation. She studied at universities in France and in England, where he was in London four years ago graduated directing. Paulina Rzeszow is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and worked for several years in London for movies and theaters.



01. Coś w rodzaju miłości 04:42
02. Lynch theme 01:52
03. Time is running 02:28
04. There will be a fight 01:26
05. Suspense 1 04:09
06. Knife 1 01:06
07. Phone 00:25
08. Love in the air 01:06
09. Knife 2 01:28
10. Dictaphone 00:38
11. Police 00:26
12. Suspense 2 05:37
Total time of CD 00:25:23

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