Jedna ruka netleská


Label format: CD
Released: 2003
Released by label: Lucky Man Films
Label number: LMF CD001



01. Got 2 Get 2 [song, contains dialogue or sound effects] 04:02
02. Načapám tě [dialogue or sound effects] 00:33
03. Pray Today [not original score] 03:16
  SINGER: Felix Laband  
04. Goodbye Troubles I. [song] 02:11
05. Local Distortion [song, not original score] 04:52
  MUSIC: Jan P. Muchow SINGER: The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa  
06. Počkej, počkej [contains dialogue or sound effects] 02:05
07. Needles and Pins 02:21
  SINGER: Ramones  
08. Normální houbovej čaj [contains dialogue or sound effects] 02:12
09. Only Joking [song] 02:23
  SINGER: Eva Brabcová  
10. Jsem orel [contains dialogue or sound effects] 01:15
11. Hmm, Hmm [song, not original score] 04:07
  MUSIC: J. Čechtický, Ch. Fairman, J. Helešic SINGER: Eky Eky Eky Eky Ta Pang  
12. One 4 All, All 4 One [contains dialogue or sound effects] 01:45
13. Terribly [song, not original score] 04:52
  MUSIC: Filip Míšek, Ema Brabcová SINGER: Khoiba, Ema Brabcová  
14. Zdrháme [contains dialogue or sound effects] 01:51
15. Best Boy In Town [song] 02:22
16. Mimořádná linka [song, not original score] 03:51
  MUSIC: Robert R. Heatlie, M. Prostějovský SINGER: Jan Tříska, Hana Zagorová  
17. The Time Is Now [song, not original score] 05:18
  MUSIC: Mark Brydon, Roisin Murphy SINGER: Moloko  
18. Plánuju věci [contains dialogue or sound effects] 00:39
19. As If [song] 03:28
20. Goodbye Troubles II. [song, contains dialogue or sound effects] 02:23
21. Götterdämmerung: Siegfried's Death and Funeral Music [not original score] 09:38
  MUSIC: Richard Wagner  
Total time of CD 01:05:24
Total time of original score and songs 00:28:57

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